Military and Civilian Health Partnership Award
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We are proud of the courage and dedication of our Armed Forces, their families, veterans and reservists (the Armed Forces community), and it is our duty to ensure they receive the very best in care and support.

This award provides a unique opportunity to celebrate excellence in healthcare and health improvement for the Armed Forces community (as defined in the Armed Forces Covenant), and the importance of working in partnership with several stakeholders including the Defence Medical Services; the NHS; the Department of Health and Social Care; and the independent and voluntary sectors.

During the pandemic this collaboration has proven invaluable and this year we want to celebrate the people, teams and projects that have come together across the armed forces community sector during this challenging period. 

Winners will be collaborative projects between varied types of organisation including health and social care, across departments and charities. Judges are looking for specific examples of projects which can demonstrate the sometimes specialist needs of armed forces personnel.


Open to organisation across the public, private and third sector who can demonstrate system led support for the armed forces community. Examples might include mental health services MSK care or social support. 


  • Describe the context of care provided to the armed forces and identify challenges
  • How did the collaboration or system come about? What parties were involved and what is their contribution?
  • What was the aim of your initiative and how were those challenges to be overcome?
  • What targets were set and how were those targets arrived at?
  • How will you gauge success, what measures have been applied?


  • Describe the results using real examples and supporting with evidence of outcomes
  • What sets the initiative apart from the current provision of healthcare/health improvement for the Armed Forces community?
  • Provide clear evidence that your work has significantly improved the health and wellbeing of members of the Armed Forces community.
  • Show how the outcomes are sustainable in terms of resources and over time.


  • How are you sharing the positive outcomes from the initiative with others?
  • Are there any examples of successful adoption or results from consultative work?
  • Provide evidence of how your approach can be replicated and is scalable locally, nationally and, potentially, internationally.


  • How has your initiative benefitted members of the Armed Forces community and their families?
  • What impact has the initiative had on the experience of care on the service user?
  • How has the initiative impacted finances of relevant organisations using examples of efficiency gains and value created against money spent?
  • Use testimonial evidence from stakeholders to support.


  • How has the initiative worked with the armed force community to identify challenges, set targets and realise results?
  • What ongoing work is taking place to create sustainable care systems?

Military and Civilian Health Partnership Award

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Military and Civilian Health Partnership Award
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Entries, attendance and sponsorship enquiries, contact Ryan Bessent  0207 608 9045;
Media and marketing enquiries, contact Honey de Gracia 0207 608 9002;
Judging and event management, contact Sheena Patel 0207 608 9039