HSJ Awards 2024 - Workforce Initiative of the Year
Workforce Initiative of the Year

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In the face of relentless workforce challenges, the NHS requires real-world solutions, moving beyond traditional paradigms to ensure health and care service remains resilient, adaptable, and efficient. This includes confronting the significant shortage of skilled professionals across all areas — for both clinical and non-clinical teams – through innovative approaches and the impactful implementation of new workforce initiatives. It's about more than just filling in the gaps; it's a commitment to building a sustainable workforce. 

This award is about recognising innovation in workforce development. Judges will be looking for new strategic approaches to workforce planning to improve quality and productivity. They will want to see organisations rethinking roles, breaking down the traditional barriers to create an adaptable workforce that delivers quality and efficiency. They want to see initiatives that develop not just the existing workforce and its talents but look for new ways to bring people into the NHS, getting good people into hard-to-fill entry-level posts.  


Entries are welcomed from all NHS organisations and public sector third parties working in partnership with the NHS.


  • Describe a clear rationale for the initiative including the goals and targets. What were the aims?
  • Provide an explanation of how the initiative drew on existing best practice and created something new to drive efficiency, quality, improvements in care or well-being.


  • Provide evidence that workforce development has led to improved patient care. 
  • Demonstrate improvements in workforce efficiency and productivity and/or improved value for money as a direct result of the initiative. 
  • Include qualitative and/or qualitative feedback to comprehensively illustrate the initiative's impact. 


  • Judges are looking for workforce initiatives which have been applied beyond departmental, organisational, and local boundaries. Alternatively, clear evidence the initiative is potentially replicable and scalable.
  • How have the results of the initiative been successfully shared with other teams or organisations?


  • How has the initiative delivered improvements in staff experience, resources, skills or service delivery? 
  • Evaluate the financial implications of the initiative, including cost savings and efficiency gains. Has the initiative been value for money? 


  • Provide evidence of engaging staff and where appropriate patients in the design and implementation of the workforce initiative. 
  • Detail efforts to ensure inclusivity and diversity in the planning and implementation phases of the initiative. 

Workforce Initiative of the Year

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