HSJ Awards 2024 - Reducing Inequalities and Improving Outcomes for Children and Young People Award
Reducing Inequalities and Improving Outcomes for Children and Young People Award
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The NHS England approach to support the reduction of health inequalities, Core20PLUS5, was expanded and adapted in December 2022 to focus on the health of children and young people (CYP), to ultimately enable each citizen to get the best possible start in life. The approach defines a target population cohort; i) the 20% most deprived and ii) ‘PLUS’ groups experiencing poorer than average care. It also identifies ‘5’ focus clinical areas requiring accelerated improvement – asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, oral health and mental health.

However, the drive to improve outcomes in CYP is not new. The NHS Long Term Plan referenced an ambition to ensure a strong start in life for children and young people, and the resulting CYP Transformation Programme has been prioritising improvements in childhood immunisation, long-term conditions, mental health, weight management and many more, and paediatric networks are working to ensure children and young people are able to access high quality services as close to home as possible.

This award recognises innovative and creative initiatives which aim to reduce healthcare inequalities and improve CYP health outcomes at a national or local level – not exclusively, but especially those which align with the Core20PLUS5 approach.

Judges are looking for entries that drive tangible improvements in access, experiences and outcomes for children and young people. Winners will be projects co-designed and co-produced with patients and their families, built on strong local partnerships, that use data and insights effectively and intelligently to target interventions and demonstrate measurable impacts outlining what has actually made a difference to communities.


All NHS organisations (including providers, partnerships and systems), General Practice and primary care organisations, as well as other public and voluntary sector organisations working in partnership with the NHS to improve outcomes in CYP.


  • Outline the inequality area of concern and the specific community or age group this initiative aims to improve access, experience and/or outcomes for
  • Describe the initiative including resources, capacity, data/insights that shaped the intervention, any partnership working, and overarching goals
  • Include your measures of success and include detail on the benchmarks used. There should be a clear positive impact on patient access, experience and/or outcomes


  • Include quantitative and qualitative evidence of improved patient access, experience and/or outcomes for the specified communities
  • Describe how the initiative was implemented to achieve these results
  • Provide testimonial evidence supporting your work
  • Describe the financial impact of implementation, including evidence relating to value for money


  • Describe how the learnings from the initiative have been shared across your organisation or system and/or beyond
  • Explain the efforts made to share your best practice examples with others in the NHS or other public and third sector groups
  • Provide evidence to support the sharing of your achievements and outcomes


  • Describe how the initiative helps provide children and young people a strong start in life
  • Discuss how the improvement initiative has improved patient access, experience and/or outcomes in the target population
  • Evidence any other positive impacts on patients, staff or the organisation which could contribute to the reduction of inequalities or improvement in outcomes for children and young people
  • Describe how the initiative will achieve sustainability within the organisation or system


  • Describe the involvement and engagement of relevant internal and external stakeholders in the development and implementation of the initiative, including voluntary and community groups, as well as the education, criminal justice or other related sectors
  • If multiple partners were involved within the initiative, evidence the working relationship and how information was shared to ensure the success of the project
  • Explain how patients, carers, people and communities were engaged in the co-designing, planning and implementation of health inequalities and outcomes improvement. There should be evidence that this is meaningful and sustained.

Reducing Inequalities and Improving Outcomes for Children and Young People Award

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