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Provider Collaboration of the Year

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In terms of cost, patient outcomes and experience of care, the opportunities generated through collaboration across multiple providers and trusts are almost endless. As integrated care systems continue to develop across the country, as set out in the Long-Term Plan, and the boundaries between acute, mental health and community trusts begin to blur, it can be tempting to conclude that mergers or acquisitions are the best way forwards. However, collaboration or shared governance does not have to happen at such a high level for patients to derive real benefit.

This award recognises the work carried out at all levels to align priorities between provider organisations, which lead to greater efficiency and the development of person-centred services. This could be formally, as part of a regional or national clinical network or development of a wider hospital chain, or more informally through shared resources: the real importance is that patients ultimately derive benefit from the arrangement.


Entrants can be providers of NHS services across acute, mental health and community care. Examples of true partnership are likely to be evidenced by joint entries across multiple organisations.


  • What was the rationale for this specific provider collaboration within this specific health and care economy? Who were the stakeholders and how did the collaborative approach come about?
  • How did the approach differ from what had come before?
  • How was the new integration approach developed and tested?
  • Describe the planning and consultation undertaken with staff, patients, affected population and organisations.
  • How was baseline performance measured and appropriate outcome measures developed?


  • What results have been achieved? Use testimonial, qualitative and quantitative evidence to support any claims of improved services, outcomes and experience.
  • How have the stakeholder bodies pooled resources? Describe financial and resource challenges and how these have been overcome.
  • Judges would like to see evidence of information and data sharing, learning and best practice with a focus on the wider picture of service provision.


  • How are the organisations involved sharing learnings and best practice from the project within the local area and beyond?
  • How can success from the collaboration or initiative be scaled?


  • How has the collaboration driven efficiency gains?
  • How has the collaboration driven improved both patient and service user experience? Use testimonial evidence from relevant stakeholders and where possible service users.
  • What evidence is there that the collaboration drives better value for the money spent?


  • How were patients involved in developing this new approach to care? Judges will want to see clear evidence of involvement.
  • How were relevant leads across all partners fully engaged in developing this new approach to care?
  • How has a culture of collaboration been developed and nurtured as the integration approach has matured?

Provider Collaboration of the Year

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New Category
Provider Collaboration of the Year

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