HSJ Awards 2024 - Place-based Partnership and Integrated Care Award
Place-based Partnership and Integrated Care Award

The ageing population and rise in the number of older people with multiple long-term conditions presents challenges to a public sector in which health, local government and voluntary and third sector organisations have traditionally operated in silos. The introduction of “place” within Integrated Care Systems offer the opportunity to strengthen relationships between these parties – with a focus on population health and the integration of services across the end-to-end care pathway. Whilst establishing joined-up care remains the top priority, there will be increasing emphasis to look at the wider social determinants of health and establish relationships with colleagues in housing, public health, transport and environment.

This award will recognise NHS, public and third sector organisations which have already made progress in working together as an integrated system at a place level. Our judges will be looking for evidence of strong, collaborative partnerships and truly integrated working which is leading to demonstrable improvements for patients and citizens.


All NHS organisations, and their wider public and third sector partners


  • Provide a clear rationale for specific efforts to bolster partnership working across the NHS, public and third sector at a place level, describing the context with supporting information.
  • How did the partnership approach differ from what had come before and what challenges are being addressed?
  • Describe the team involved in the collaboration in terms of expertise and experience.
  • What planning in place and what targets are set? Provide evidence on financial and outcome goals.


  • Describe the results of the partnership, were targets met and what challenges were faced?
  • Evidence how the partnership and integrated working has led to improved patient care, improved experience, improved outcomes and/or improved value for money. This must have a quantitative aspect, but can include qualitative feedback as well.


  • Detail how partnership working and this new approach to integration has demonstrably spread throughout organisations and the local health and care economy.
  • How are the organisations involved sharing learnings from the project within the local area and beyond?


  • How has the partnership added value to services and increased capacity, efficiency and/or sharing of information?
  • What evidence is there that patient/citizen experience and outcomes have improved across the system?
  • What impact has there been on staff including their ability to deliver quality care and their overall satisfaction?
  • Provide quantitative evidence that value for money has improved as a result of the strengthened partnerships at a place level.


  • Describe the engagement of staff at all levels and how relevant leads in all partner organisations were fully engaged in developing this new approach to care
  • How were citizens and patients involved in developing this new approach to care? Judges will want to see clear evidence of involvement.
  • How has a culture of collaboration been developed and nurtured as the integration approach has matured?

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