HSJ Awards 2024 - Performance Recovery Award
Performance Recovery Award

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In recent years, healthcare services have faced substantial strain, with the urgent reprioritisation of limited resources resulting in tough decisions, a fatigued workforce, and unavoidable care delays. However, with a renewed focus on productivity and efficiency, the emphasis now lies on reducing care backlogs and reinstating NHS performance to its pre-crisis levels. 

Whilst full service restoration may still be a long-term ambition, NHS organisations are thinking differently to work towards this. This award recognises those teams and organisations innovating to deliver tangible improvements for staff, patients, and populations, as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

Throughout the healthcare system, examples of performance recovery could come from any area – restoring neglected services, re-hitting performance metrics, rebuilding teams, reopening closed facilities, returning staff and equipment to their original departments, and much more.  


This category is open to healthcare organisations, teams and collaborations across the public and third sectors who have taken clear steps to restore performance and service levels to meet or exceed their pre-pandemic baseline.


  • Describe the context of your recovery initiative(s) – what operational, financial, clinical and/or workforce constraints were you looking to overcome?
  • Outline the vision for performance recovery - how and to what extent did your new initiatives and processes differ from their pre-pandemic norm?
  • Detail the targets and/or measures of success that were set, both quantitative or qualitative
  • Discuss any partnership or cross-functional working required to realise the vision


  • How is the vision being achieved?
  • How did you overcome the challenge of working at pace to develop and implement new ideas?
  • Provide specific examples of any new processes, roles, technologies, or ways of working that have been implemented
  • Evidence the performance improvements achieved so far, and how they compare to the targets set
  • Describe the impact of these improvements on staff, patients, and the wider system


  • Show how initial successes of your performance recovery initiatives can be replicated and scaled up in the future
  • Describe any work undertaken to spread best practice learning with other departments or healthcare organisations


  • Provide evidence of the added value of these initiatives on patients in terms of time, quality of life, quality of experience or clinical outcomes
  • How have the initiatives improved the staff satisfaction, or their ability to deliver quality care?
  • What financial savings or efficiencies have been realised from these initiatives?


  • Describe the engagement of clinicians and the wider workforce in performance recovery
  • How has the initiative involved collaboration with patients and end-users, and to what extent was this prioritised given the need for a quick and agile implementation? 
  • How have the teams involved worked with partner or vendor organisations to deliver results?

Performance Recovery Award

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