HSJ Awards 2024 - Medicines, Pharmacy and Prescribing Initiative of the Year
Medicines, Pharmacy and Prescribing Initiative of the Year

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Medicines have the potential to make a significant contribution to how ICSs address health inequalities, manage population health and improve patient care. They are also a key area for cash-strapped systems looking to find financial savings, drive additional value and unlock efficiencies.

As the NHS continues to bring medicines and prescribing teams more closely together across the end-to-end patient pathway, this often-overlooked group are critical enablers of transformation, innovation and change. By embracing the opportunities of new funding flows, workforce reconfiguration and collaborative decision-making, this award will celebrate this new era of medicines management.


Open to NHS organisations and wider public sector third parties working in partnership with the NHS who have made real progress in driving transformation through medicines and prescribing. You will need to be able to demonstrate cost savings, efficiencies and/or improved patient outcomes.


  • Describe the scope of the initiative – what problem were you trying to address, what did you set out to achieve
  • Why was a transformation through medicines and prescribing an appropriate solution?
  • Describe how the new integrated care operating environment enabled the transformation or initiative, what makes this a new and innovative project
  • Who was involved in the project? Detail any partnerships or collaborative working across multi-disciplinary teams.


  • Provide specific examples of any new processes, roles, technologies, or ways of working that have been implemented
  • Describe any direct short and long-term financial impacts of the project – whether direct or indirect
  • Evidence how the project has improved patient care, experience or outcomes. This must have a quantitative aspect but can include qualitative feedback as well.
  • Share qualitative feedback from stakeholders across care systems and collaborations about the benefits realised in your supporting information


  • How has this initiative been rolled out across your organisation or system?
  • Evidence any efforts made to share your best practice examples with others in the NHS
  • Discuss the potential for this project to deliver positive outcomes elsewhere


  • Share how the project supports wider goals relating to population health and reducing health inequalities
  • How has the project unlocked cost savings, efficiencies and value for the organisation and/or system?
  • Provide both qualitative and quantitative evidence that demonstrate better health outcomes as a result of this initiative
  • Discuss any other benefits realised by the initiative or transformation project, both intended and unforeseen


  • Explain how partnership working was established across the ICS and with wider stakeholders involved with the project? How was buy-in achieved?
  • How were patients involved in the successful co-creation and delivery of the project?
  • If a third-party partner was involved in the work describe how they worked with stakeholders

Medicines, Pharmacy and Prescribing Initiative of the Year

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