HSJ Awards 2024 - Integrated Care Initiative of the Year
Integrated Care System of the Year

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With Integrated Care Boards now firmly established, and the Hewitt review published calling for greater autonomy and accountability, there is real opportunity to drive impact for staff, populations and patients in the months and years ahead. 

With patient-centred care at the heart of reconfiguration, removing boundaries between organisations both vertically and horizontally presents a huge cultural and mindset shift across the country.   

This award will recognise an ICS who can evidence genuine co-production across different organisations within the system. Judges will be particularly interested in examples which bring together partners from across the wider voluntary and community sector, and work closely with organisations across the housing, education or criminal justice sectors. They are looking for concrete evidence that greater integration has improved the quality of health services, whether through increased patient satisfaction or through greater financial value, and improved population health and wellbeing.  


The award is open to any integrated care board or integrated care partnership. Local-level/smaller-scale projects focused on integrated working should be entered into either the place-based partnership or provider collaboration category.


  • Describe the biggest challenges facing your system in the past 2-3 years and how you are collaborating to resolve them
  • Share the overarching vision for your ICS, and how this was developed
  • Describe how you are balancing financial challenges with delivering high quality services for your local population, and working to achieve best value for money
  • Discuss the staffing and cultural challenges across your local area, and how they are being addressed at a system level
  • Share both the short and medium/longer-term goals for improving population health across the ICS


  • How are the short-term goals and medium/longer term vision being achieved? Share examples of three specific initiatives in your supporting material that demonstrate this point.
  • Describe system performance against national and local targets
  • Provide quantitative evidence of how integration across the system is leading to improved care, improved experience, improved population health outcomes and/or improved value for money
  • Share any initiatives that are improving staff wellbeing, representation inclusion and retention across the system. Provide supporting evidence (staff surveys, testimonials etc) to evidence the results.


  • How have the benefits and best practices from system-wide partnership fed down into places and neighbourhoods?
  • How does the system work effectively with others at a regional or national level to share best practice?


  • Evidence how the system is improving outcomes in population health, and tackling inequalities in outcomes, experience and access for patients/citizens
  • Share how productivity and value for money are being realised across the system
  • Discuss how the ICS is supporting broader social and economic development across the region


  • Describe the mechanisms for neighbourhood, place and system level input into the overarching vision and strategy
  • How are leaders across the system collaborating to develop a shared vision, culture and values?
  • How were patients, citizens, local communities and the workforce all consulted and engaged with the development of the integrated care strategy?
  • Provide testimonial evidence from different partners and affected parties to support your claims

Integrated Care System of the Year

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