HSJ Awards 2044 - Digitising Patient Care Award
Digitising Patient Care Award

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The transition towards digital healthcare has become an entrenched reality, shaped by the collective anticipation for immediate digital access to services. This transformation is not just about keeping pace with technological advances but is fundamentally reshaping patient empowerment and enabling providers to deliver more personalised care. This shift necessitates the modernisation of digital infrastructures, including the pivotal integration of AI and ensuring seamless system interoperability. Successful implementation hinges on collaborative and partnership efforts across departments and organisations, underpinned by strategic and effective management to unlock true value. 

This award is designed to recognise successful initiatives which have used technology and digital systems to improve access for patients to their care and have enabled staff to optimise capacity, improve experience and quality of care.  


Open to NHS organisations who have implemented successful digital projects, delivering impact and enabling access to services and care through digital channels. Solution providers helping the NHS and health sector organisations are invited to enter the HSJ Partnership Awards, which celebrate collaboration with the private sector. 


  • Outline the initiative including the vision.
  • Provide a clear rationale for the digital project, product or service and describe the context in which it was required.
  • What targets were set in terms of patient outcome, experience, integration and efficiency?
  • What financial assessment was undertaken and of the predicted impact? How was value for money to be measured?


  • Describe how the initiative was seamlessly developed and deployed whilst maintaining any existing services to minimise disruption to patients and staff
  • What have been the results, including performance against targets?
  • How has the patient experience improved? Provide supporting evidence with examples and testimonial.
  • How has care improved?
  • Share any financial impacts of implementation, including evidence relating to value for money and/or efficiencies realised by the digital project, product or service


  • How have other organisations learned from this implementation and how is best practice being shared?
  • What evidence is there that this initiative could be replicable and effective elsewhere?


  • How has the digital initiative added value for patients in terms of time, quality of life, quality of experience and outcomes?
  • What has been the outcome for staff in terms of time and quality of service?
  • What other benefits has the project delivered?
  • How has the investment delivered value for money in other areas?


  • Describe and provide testimonial evidence of the working relationship between the technology partner (if relevant) and the NHS organisation that enabled a genuinely co-produced product or service
  • Share how all relevant staff were engaged in the design and implementation of the project, product or service
  • Explain how patients, service users or the community were involved in the design, planning and implementation

Digitising Patient Care Award

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