HSJ Awards 2024 - Data Driven Transformation Award
Data-Driven Transformation Award

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The NHS generates a huge amount of data. Connecting this data and intelligence across the system provides the power to drive transformative change, deliver enormous benefits for the patient and achieve true integration of care. Yet many challenges remain in ensure a steady flow of information across the system: concerns over consent and the need to ensure interoperability between systems chief among them.

The award is about recognising NHS initiatives that harness the power of data to bring positive change in the delivery and planning of care, and where data sharing has made a real difference. Judges are looking for data and insight-driven implementation of strategies, systems and processes which have enabled direct improvements to patient care.


This category is open to all public sector bodies and organisations within the health and social care sector, including collaboratives and integrated care systems. Solution providers helping the NHS and health sector organisations are invited to enter the HSJ Partnership Awards, which celebrate collaboration with the private sector.


  • Describe the scope of the initiative – where did the patient/citizen data come from, and how was it collated and utilised to drive impact?
  • Outline how information was shared between departments or organisations
  • Who was involved in the work? Detail any partnership or collaborative structures.
  • Define the intended goals, targets and success measures, making specific reference to direct improvements in patient care


  • Provide quantitative evidence the performance of the project and resulting process/systems/strategies against targets
  • How has the data-driven transformation project or initiative led to improved patient care and experience, positive impact on population health, improved outcomes and/or improved value for money?
  • Share qualitative feedback from stakeholders across care systems and collaborations about the benefits realised in your supporting information
  • Describe the financial impact of implementation, including evidence relating outcomes to value for money


  • Describe how the learnings, either around data sharing or from the resulting transformation project have been shared.
  • To what extent has this new practice been replicated in other organisations and localities?
  • Discuss the scope for further replication or scaling up of this project in other settings


  • How has the transformation project impacted staff ability to deliver high quality care?
  • Discuss any other benefits realised by the data-driven transformation project, both intended and unforeseen, and how that value has been capitalised on
  • Provide both qualitative and quantitative evidence that efficiencies have been achieved and patient experience has improved.


  • Explain how buy-in and engagement was sought from both the stakeholders contributing data and those who were beneficiaries of the project in the codesign, planning and implementation of the transformation project
  • How have patients been engaged in the planning and implementation of improvements and what feedback has been sought since?
  • If a third-party partner was involved in the work describe how they worked with stakeholders.

Data-Driven Transformation Award

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