Please refer to our frequently asked questions about the HSJ Awards 2024 below. If your query is not answered, then please CONTACT US.

Q: Can you explain what is meant by “supporting materials”, can you share some examples.

A: Supporting evidence is not mandatory but is a great way to support your written submission. You can include graphs, charts, testimonials, images and video content. You can upload one file but it can be multiple pages. Please ensure you reference the material in the criteria sections to ensure judges can easily match up the evidence to the criteria it’s linked to.

Q: I’m trying to upload my supporting evidence, but the system won’t let me.

A: The system supports Word, PDF and PowerPoint. Please check the file type and ensure Word documents are doc or docx. PowerPoint files can be ppt or pptx. You can check and change your file type by going to file > save > underneath the file name there is a drop down menu, click this to ensure you are saving the file as one of the above options.

Q: What do you mean by ‘Project title’?

A: This should be the name of your project or initiative, team or service or person you are nominating. If successfully shortlisted, then the project title will appear above your organisation name and in various event documentation. We strongly recommend that you use as concise a title as possible, to make it prominent.

Q: Why do I need a photo?

A: If you are successful in being shortlisted, then the image you provide will be shown at the awards ceremony. This can be of the team involved or a photo representing the work you have been doing. If you are nominating a person, then please upload a picture of the person.
If you are unable to add an image at the entry stage, then please upload a logo or any other image and you will have the opportunity to change if you are shortlisted.

Q: What format should my photo be provided in?

A: Ideally JPEG but PDF format is also acceptable.

Q: I have submitted an entry but not received a confirmation email.

A: Your firewall may be preventing the email from coming through. Please check your junk mail first. If you still haven’t received the confirmation, then please log onto the entry platform and if your entry is showing as submitted then we have received it.

Q: It says I can only upload one file as supporting evidence, however I have multiple documents, can I upload more?

A: The system will only allow you to upload one file. However, the file can contain multiple pages. Please combine all your documents into one file (PDF, word, or PowerPoint).
Ensure you reference the material in the criteria sections to ensure judges can easily match the evidence to the criteria it’s linked to.

Q: I would like to show a video as my supporting evidence, however it says I can’t upload a video.

A: You can’t directly upload a video, however if the video is hosted on You Tube or a similar open platform, then you can add a link to it on a word document and upload this.

Q: Can I enter my project into more than one category?

A: Yes, you can enter the same project in a maximum of 2 categories.

Q: How many categories can I enter?

A: You can enter different teams or projects in as many categories as you want

Q: What are the key benefits of entering an awards category for our organization?

A: Entering the awards can enhance your organization's reputation and credibility. It can help attract new clients, partners, and funding. It motivates inspires and retains employees and can help attract new employees. It provides an opportunity to showcase your achievements and innovations.

Q: How do I determine which awards category is the best fit for our organization?

A: Carefully review the criteria set out for each category and align them with your organization's strengths and achievements. Consider the specific goals and focus areas of each category to find the most suitable match.

Q: How can I make our entry stand out?

A: Ensure you answer each question within the criteria section. Use all 400 words allowed and evidence your work by adding supporting evidence and use a clear referencing system

Q: Is there a cost associated with entering?

A: Entering is free of charge. If you attend the awards ceremony then there is a cost associated with the booking a table.

Q: What tips can you provide for preparing a successful entry?

A: Start early and carefully review the awards criteria. Provide clear, concise, and compelling information. Use evidence and examples to demonstrate the impact of your initiatives

Q: How long does it take to complete an entry?

A: As a guide it can take between one to four hours to complete an entry, but you can do this over a period of time.

Q: How long is the entry form?

A: There are 5 main criteria sections, each carrying a word count of a maximum of 400 words. Plus there is an upload opportunity to submit supporting evidence. Evidence must be clearly referenced from your entry form and should be compiled into a single PDF containing any relevant documentation or imagery.

Q: Who are the judges?

A: Judges are listed on our judges page on the website. To maintain the integrity of the process we can’t reveal who the judges are for specific panels or categories.

Q: What will the judges be looking for?

A: Each criteria will be scored out of 10. Each section will be reviewed by the judges, and they will be matching the content of your entry to the criteria

Q: How much does it cost to enter the awards?

A: There is no charge for submitting an entry

Q: What is the eligibility period for an entry?

A: Project based entries are required to be currently active or if completed, to have been completed within the past 18 months. People nominated for specific awards should either be in post or should have left their post no longer than 18 months prior. Please note, people nominated must still be working within the NHS to qualify. Equally evidence for any submitted entries should be current or relevant to the past 18 months. Entries previously submitted in the HSJ Awards should have a significant update, change of circumstance or result.

Q: Can private organisations enter?

A: Please check the criteria as this will be detailed. Most categories are designed to recognise work conducted within public sector organisations and therefore in most circumstances only the NHS healthcare provider will be recognised.  Please check eligibility with our team if you are not sure.

Q: Who will read my entry and is it confidential?

A: All entries submitted to the HSJ Awards will be read by our appointed judges, editorial staff and internal awards administrative teams. If you have specific requirements with regards to confidentiality, please contact our team to discuss if it is possible that arrangements can be made for you. HSJ would like to share best practice with our community and part of the agreement you enter in to with HSJ is to share your projects, people and organisations on our HSJ Solutions platform. However, you are welcome to opt out of this. For further clarification please contact our team.

Q: Do I have to attend the awards ceremony if I enter, or I am short listed?​

A: There is no mandatory attendance at the awards ceremony. However if you are shortlisted we encourage you to celebrate your success and be part of the event given the benefits to you in doing so. 

Q: Can I withdraw my submission?

A: Yes at any time, just get in touch with our team.

Q: When will I hear about my submission?​

A: The shortlist will be announced on the date detailed on the website. Winners will be announced at the awards ceremony.

Q: When will I receive feedback on my entry?

A: We cannot release any feedback before the awards ceremony has passed to ensure we have 100% of our results without prejudicing the result or informing the winners before this date. Post event, we will provide feedback on submissions on request only basis. Please contact Awards Support for more information.

Q: How will my data be used?

A: In order to enter an award, you need to have an account with us – we require your name, job title, business / work email address, phone number and entrant address. Your personal data provided will be stored in our systems for communication about the Awards. You may also receive communications from the parent company about relevant products and services. We also encourage you to read our Privacy and Cookies Policy. Every communication has a link to manage your preferences or unsubscribe.

Q: What is Awards Force?

A: Awards Force is a third-party supplier providing a web-based entry and judging system to manage the submission process. Communications to entrants and judges are sent using this system. To find our more information please view

Q: Do you have examples of successful past entries I can use to assist my submission?

A: Unfortunately we can’t supply you with a past entry however please contact our team for further assistance and they will be able to support you

Q: What happens if I need to go over the word count?

A: If you go over the word count you will be unable to save your work, please therefore stay within the word count stated

Q: What do I get if I win?

A: Alongside a trophy to display in your organisation you also get a digital certificate, press release template you can use, photo of you collecting your award and winners banners you can utilise.

Q: Will the deadline to enter be extended?

A: We are unable to extend the deadline further than stated on the website homepage