HSJ Awards 2024 - Primary and Community Care Innovation of the Year
Primary and Community Care Innovation of the Year

How to apply

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Strengthening access to primary care and transforming point of care from the hospital into the community or the home are essential levers for future NHS sustainability, reducing waiting lists and optimising hospital utilisation. Making this a reality means finding innovative ways to deliver out of hospital care – whether that’s through new workforce roles and ways of working, collaborations across providers or with system partners, creative thinking about place of care, or digital interventions to increase capacity and access.

The judges will be looking for innovations which have proven themselves to be effective and are demonstrating value although might not have significant evidence. Judges are also looking for evidence-based innovations based on existing best practice leading to better primary care. We are particularly keen to hear about innovations which have had a cross-organisation and cross-sector impact.


This award is open to NHS primary care teams and organisations which can demonstrate improved outcomes as a result of innovation.


  • Provide a clear rationale for the innovation include a context in which this was required
  • What was the vision and how was this new or different from existing best practice?
  • How were solutions researched and tested?
  • What measures well put in place to test efficacy?


  • How has the innovation led to improved patient care, improved experience, improved outcomes and/or improved value for money? This must have a quantitative aspect but can include qualitative feedback as well.
  • Provide testimonial evidence of the effectiveness, where possible from patients.


  • How has the learning from the innovation been shared outside the primary care provider?
  • What evidence is there that this innovation has potential for positive outcomes elsewhere?
  • Provide supporting material to support any achievements.


  • How has the patient experience improved?
  • What has been the impact on staff?
  • Give detail on the efficiency, capacity and how this has contributed to value for money and outcomes


  • Provide an explanation of how an innovation culture has been nurtured within the team or organisation to enable these results.
  • Provide supporting evidence that supports comprehensive engagement with patients in the planning.
  • How have the teams involved worked with partners to deliver results?

To find out more

Entries, attendance and sponsorship enquiries, contact awardssupport@hsj.co.uk 
Media and marketing enquiries, contact Honey de Gracia 0207 608 9002;
Judging and event management, contact Sheena Patel 0207 608 9039