HSJ Partnership Award

How to apply

A shortlist for this category will be defined by Partnership Awards 

This award looks to recognise, celebrate and create a platform for the best products and services being used by the NHS.

The awards provide suppliers with the opportunity to be identified as leaders and innovators within healthcare. As the demands on the NHS to deliver greater quality care with increased efficiency intensifies, the HSJ Healthcare Partnership Awards will highlight how you are aligning with essential savings happening in the NHS today and celebrate how you are helping to make a difference.


The finalists are selected from the HSJ Partnerships Awards winners held in June 2021. The winners from these awards are automatically put through as finalists for this category. This category is not open for entries.


  • Describe the brief provided by the NHS partner
  • Outline the context in which the NHS has decided that private sector input is needed.
  • What were the targets and goals for the partnership? Give detail on the financial, value and outcome-based targets


Describe the results in detail. Provide evidence of savings, financial success, value for money for the NHS partner. What other outcomes have been considered? Describe successes in reduction of bureaucracy, waiting times and improvements in capacity, efficiency, patient outcomes and experience.


How have the partnership parties worked to share best practice? What elements of the partnership have the potential of replication and application elsewhere in the organisation or in other organisations? 


Describe with supporting evidence how value for money has been delivered for the trust. What has the partnership achieved over and above what the NHS partner would have been able to do alone. Outline value achieved from the partnership in terms of increased capacity, reduced inefficiency, enhanced patient safety, outcomes and experience.


  • Clear evidence of engagement of staff and stakeholders in the development and implementation of the project or partnership
  • Evidence of patient involvement in the project will be important to mention
HSJ Partnership Award

To find out more

Entries, attendance and sponsorship enquiries, contact Ryan Bessent  0207 608 9045;
Media and marketing enquiries, contact Honey de Gracia 0207 608 9002;
Judging and event management, contact Sheena Patel 0207 608 9039