Acute or Specialist Trust of the Year
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Faced with one of the most challenging years since the NHS was formed, acute trusts have stepped up to continue delivering world class care. In addition to managing the pandemic, financial pressures, managing staff well-being and retention and the implementation of more integrated care continue to provide tough challenges.

The winner of this award will be an organisation which is facing these challenges head on with a focus on outcomes and staff wellbeing. Judges will be looking for initiatives which deliver performance against targets, clinical quality and safety. A Trust of the Year will need to demonstrate initiatives which drive inclusivity and representation across the organisation and investment in widening participation. Judges will want to see clear evidence of sustainable finances, derive value as a common factor between quality achieved and pound spent.  

The award will recognise those trusts which are offering excellent, patient-centric care built on strong engagement between clinicians within and beyond the organisation. We are particularly seeking organisations with a clear understanding of how they will need to adapt to create a viable long-term local health economy.


This award is open all NHS acute and specialist UK NHS trusts.  


  • What are the biggest challenges which have faced the trust in the past few years?
  • Describe the financial sustainability of the trust and provide relevant detail in the supporting evidence.
  • What are the staffing challenges including retention, well-being, inclusion and representation?
  • What are the cultural challenges including staff concerns, sharing of best practice and diversity?
  • Describe the focus on safety and clinical excellence.
  • What is the vision f or the trust? How is the trust facing these challenges?
  • Provide supporting evidence with referenced information.


  • How is the vision being achieved?
  • Provide information on value for money management of the NHS pound and describe the impact on patient outcomes using an example in the supporting information.
  • Describe performance against targets.
  • What initiatives are in place to improve staff well being and what are the results?
  • Reference staff surveys and testimonial evidence with positive results of initiatives which drive representation and inclusion.
  • How does the trust improve patient safety? Include a description of how a positive and learning culture contributes to safety.
  • How do partnerships, collaborations and integrated care initiatives contribute toward care excellence at the trust?
  • Briefly describe a single initiative which represents achievement of the trust’s vision in the supporting material. 


  • How does the trust work with other healthcare organisations to spread best practice learning?
  • Describe an initiative with supporting evidence that demonstrates the trust’s efforts to share improvements and what that has achieved.


  • How does the trust approach patient experience and provide services which meet expectations?
  • Describe service initiatives designed to improve efficiency and reduce variation enabling a better quality of care for patients. 


  • How does the trust engage with its staff? What efforts are made to involve staff in the vision for the trust?
  • Describe initiatives which create well-being and satisfaction in the workforce
  • Provide specifics on initiatives which focus on culture, participation and representation.
  • Describe initiatives with other organisations providing health and care including integrated services, partnerships and local government.
  • How does the trust engage with patients and how are the involved with the vision for the trust?

Acute or Specialist Trust of the Year

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Acute or Specialist Trust of the Year
Award Partner
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