Why Enter

InterContinental O2, 21 November 2018

Six reasons to enter the HSJ Awards in 2017:

  1. It is the best way to highlight and showcase your team’s achievements and how you have transformed patient care
  2. Life is tough in healthcare right now, staff are under pressure and it can be challenging to motivate your team of healthcare professionals – so let us do that for you
  3. They are free to enter
  4. It can be a great way to critique your project. Just entering will mean you will have to measure the success of your improvement project against our set criteria, and this will be helpful to you
  5. The awards help spread best practice across the UK – learn from others or help teach others through your innovation
  6. Position your trust as a frontrunner and receive national recognition from your peers

Final entry deadline: 18 July 2017


Or for any queries regarding your entry, contact:

Ryan Saunders
020 7608 9043

Get involved

The HSJ Awards is the largest Healthcare Awards Programme in the world. With over 1500 entries in the process and over 180 judges reviewing the awards provides an unrivalled platform to expose your brand, thought leadership and people to a UK wide audience of health professionals across all functions and disciplines.

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