Spirit Healthcare

21 November 2018
InterContinental O2

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Spirit Healthcare

Part of the Spirit Health Group ‘family’ of companies, Spirit Healthcare’s ongoing mission is to deliver real value in healthcare - empowering people to take control of their health, make best use of NHS resources, and utilise new technology.

Working alongside medicines optimisation teams and their primary care providers, Spirit Healthcare is particularly passionate and experienced in delivering change management programs in diabetes, dermatology and wound care. They provide products to the NHS to improve outcomes for patients and deliver genuine value for healthcare systems by:

Delivering substantial savings on prescribing expenditure

Providing training and support to enhance formulary change

Supporting medicines optimisation teams in the delivery of patient-focused care

Educating and empowering patients to increase the value of self-care

Their commitment to the NHS is to launch a new primary care prescribing efficiency program each year, enabling customers to continue working with Spirit and realise over £1m per CCG in savings (over a 3 year period) from their prescribing budgets.

Their flagship programme for optimising prescribing provides a collaborative model for achieving significant cost savings, whilst maintaining the highest standards of patient care. In the next 3 years, the program will deliver over £25m in cost savings to NHS Prescribing budgets. As part of this program, Spirit will train, support and educate over 250,000 people in the appropriate management of their long-term conditions.

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