Resource Bank

4 November 2020
Battersea Evolution London



Supporting Partner

Resource Bank

ResourceBank is a trusted business partner working closely with clients to solve their Workforce and HR challenges and maximise their ability to attract and retain talent. We believe that people really matter, they do make a difference and they can be the difference between good and outstanding.

We pride ourselves on an honest, consultative approach, that rejects short-term commercial interest in favour of long-term mutually supportive relationships. As a socially conscious business where “doing the right thing” is part of the foundations of the company, ResourceBank are committed to “giving back” a percentage of the profits generated by the healthcare business to worthy causes in the NHS, Social Care and Charity Sectors.

Uniquely positioned as a "Hybrid Consultancy" for the UK healthcare market, we bring a fresh and innovative approach to both the recruitment and consultancy industries in this space. We believe that traditional consultancy practice is no longer trusted and traditional recruitment processes are not fit for purpose. A “hybrid” approach which encapsulates the best of both is now the way forward – the speed, flexibility and market intelligence of good healthcare recruitment businesses blended with the expertise, governance and assured delivery models of consultancy can unlock maximum value for our NHS.

Combining an unparalleled network of effective, experienced and connected advisers, interim consultants and coaches with the outstanding track record, variety of services and experience of ResourceBank we are in a position to truly support people and systems to deliver better health and care.

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