Lloyds Pharmacy

21 November 2018
InterContinental O2

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Lloyds Pharmacy

LloydsPharmacy is the market leading pharmacy outsourced services supplier to healthcare providers within the NHS. Through the outpatient dispensing services model we have improved patient experience and drive efficiencies within NHS Pharmacy for over 15 years by releasing capacity, space and clinical resource to drive improved patient experience and outcomes.

More recently Lloydspharmacy has developed a mixed homecare model. This new model provides patients with a choice of Intravenous and Subcutaneous injectable treatments at home or in a local Lloydspharmacy Healthcare Centre, enabling hospitals to treat more patients in a location that is convenient and appropriate to them.

To find out more about how LloydsPharmacy can help your organisation improve patient care, drive efficiencies and free up clinical resource please contact:

Kieran Doona, Head of Healthcare Services

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