6 November 2019
Battersea Evolution London

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Who are Alamac?
Alamac are a specialist consultancy who are experts in improving performance by enabling and embedding behavioral change in the NHS.

Using our data-driven technology and the insight of our delivery team, we help NHS organisations develop "one truth" which can be used to deliver and underpin sustainable change.

We achieve this through the application of our unique clinical framework which is underpinned by 6 key principles and our Kitbag™ technology platform.

Alamac supports the NHS via a whole host of approved frameworks which provides a compliant, transparent and cost-effective way for our clients to access a variety of consultancy advice from us.

What do we do?

  • Implement changes quickly but in an incremental way
  • Develop cross health system teamwork to create transparent communication channels
  • Fix patient flow issues and operational problems to improve performance
  • Connect all system data together to create an intelligent case for change
  • Create a culture of prediction to solve tomorrows problems today

Alamac Priorities:
Patients: Our NHS and Clinically trained teams have experience and expertise in delivering improved patient care.
People: Alamac work alongside frontline operational and leadership teams, guiding them through our method and implementation process.
Processes: We help teams to identify and collect data which will allow them to create daily rapid interventions.

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