Sciensus - the new name of Healthcare at Home

Sciensus is a leading healthcare provider specialising in complex clinical care and medication services to over 200,000 diverse patients across the UK and Europe. For 30 years, the company has worked in partnership with the NHS, private medical providers and pharmaceutical companies to bring patients the life-changing treatment they need.

Today Sciensus has 1,700 strong team providing managed medication services for a wide range of chronic conditions, Cancer care at home, Early supported discharge services, Paediatrics care and rare and orphan disease services through specialist business unit, Sciensus Rare. Substantial expertise has been established through an in-depth knowledge of patient – medicine behaviour, in particular with biologic medicines and chemotherapy in the home. 

Sciensus is leading change with an ambitious new vision – to become the global leader in helping each and every patient make the most of their medicine. To make this happen, they are using knowledge and insights developed over nearly three decades of patient care – as well as cutting-edge research that gives them unparalleled learnings from millions of patient touch points.  

Clear visibility of the patient’s interaction with their treatment enables Sciensus to identify and target interventions which enhance adherence and persistence and reduce wastage: enabling patients to get the most out of their medication, payers to derive the best value possible from treatment decisions and for pharmaceutical companies to ensure patients stay on their medication for the prescribed time. 

Sciensus has long standing contractual relationships with one hundred fifty acute NHS trusts across the UK, supported by 500 clinicians and 225 pharmacy and dispensary colleagues. The services are underpinned by a unique in-house end-to-end cold chain delivery capability’ with 16 European distribution centres, MHRA-approved secure storage and a powerful fleet of 140 temperature-assured vans. 

Sciensus are driving significant change into the category through their Connect Health strategy, which sees a complete digitalisation of their services, thus revolutionising how the company manages patient insights and ultimately driving better patient outcomes.