Sciensus - the new name of Healthcare at Home

Sciensus is a leading pharma services provider specialising in delivering complex clinical support and guidance with medications to over 200,000 patients across the UK and Europe. Sciensus works in partnership with the NHS, private medical providers and pharmaceutical companies to bring patients the life-changing treatment they need.

Today Sciensus has a 1,700 strong team providing treatments for a wide range of chronic conditions such Crohn’s disease and rheumatoid arthritis, cancer treatment at home and rare and orphan diseases.

Their vision is to help each, and every, patient make the most of their medicine. They are using knowledge and insights developed over three decades as well as cutting-edge research that gives unparalleled learnings from millions of patient touch points.  

The business is driving significant change through their Connected Health strategy, which sees a complete digitalisation of their services, revolutionising how the company manages and applies patient insights and ultimately driving better patient outcomes, putting the patient in control of their health.