NHS Charities Together

Donations to NHS Charities Together help take pressure off an overstretched NHS, helping the NHS go further for everyone. We support incredible NHS staff and emergency volunteers so that they can continue with their vital life-saving work. We also fund projects that prevent ill health and improve services for patients. Our national reach through a network of NHS charities covering the UK means that we can ensure funds go quickly where they are needed most.

We believe our collective mission is more important than ever as the NHS faces the most challenging time in its history. And we have been overwhelmed by the heartfelt support from across the nation to get behind the NHS during this critical time.

The aim of NHS Charities Together and the wider NHS charity network is to provide extra care and support for NHS staff and patients, enabling health services to do more, beyond the core services that would ordinarily be funded by government. This helps improve the wellbeing of patients and saves lives. With current relentless pressures on the NHS the extra support provided by NHS charities is more important than ever.