GRI, previously known as de Poel health+care, is an award-winning outsourced solution to managing the agency rate cap and ensuring that quality, compliant temporary workers are booked onto each and every shift.

Since 2001, we have revolutionised the procurement and management of recruitment agency services, achieving significant savings and compliance assurance for both private healthcare organisations and the NHS.

Through a blend of account management and technology, we drive fairer commercial relationships and higher standards amongst supplying recruitment agencies. Agency charges are standardised and controlled, administrative burdens minimised, and compliance bolstered.

We also help organisations optimise their approach to bank management. With both our bank and agency management solutions powered by our leading-edge, intuitive e-tips® technology, clients partnering with GRI gain complete visibility over their entire temporary workforce.

Switching to our model takes, on average, 8-12 weeks and offers a risk-free and budget-friendly opportunity to transform the costs and processes associated with temporary recruitment. Implementing our solution does not require up-front expenditure. Instead it is self-funding via a small percentage of the savings we achieve for organisations.

Working with GRI means working with independent workforce management experts. As a neutral vendor we have no affiliation with supplying recruitment agencies. We opt, instead, for an influential negotiating position across the agency world. Over 3,500 agency suppliers (20% of the UK’s recruitment agencies) are signed up to our terms and conditions. This guarantees no conflict of interest ensuring we can truly recommend the optimum recruitment strategy for your needs.

Importantly our focus is also on empowering organisations to improve their strategic approach to temporary recruitment, thanks to our management information capabilities and business intelligence reporting. This expertise has seen us become a market leader, entrusted with close to £1billion pounds of recruitment spend on behalf of over 150 clients – equating to the deployment of 60,000 temporary workers a week.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements and how we may be able to help. To find out more visit or call 01565 682 020.