Driving Efficiency through Technology Award

image-placeholder.pngTechnology has the clear potential to improve patient care – through enabling remote monitoring, for example, or ensuring that all clinicians have the same information about a patient. But it also has the benefit of improving productivity and efficiency.

A community healthcare worker who can complete forms on an iPad rather than paper is likely to be more efficient, the doctor who can use speech recognition software to write letters more productive, and the nurse who only sees patients once monitoring shows a visit is necessary able to use resources in the most effective way.



This award, which is open to suppliers to the NHS as well as to healthcare organisations in both the public and private sector, will recognise the ways technology is helping to make the delivery of healthcare more efficient.

Judging Criteria :


  • What was the context in which services were delivered where technology could have made efficiency improvements?
  • Why was technology the most appropriate solution?
  • What goals were set in the implementation and operation of a technology solution?
  • How were stakeholders considered and impact assessed?
  • Describe any partnership or collaborative working either with a supplier or other entity. 


  • Judges are looking for convincing evidence that the use of technology has increased efficiency leading to improved service delivery and better care.
  • Provide evidence that the use of technology has also led to improved experience and improved outcomes. This must have a quantitative aspect but can include qualitative feedback as well.
  • Describe the financial impacts and include value for money assessment. 


  • How has technology been applied beyond departmental, organisational, and local boundaries?
  • How has the solution impacted other teams and organisations?
  • What efforts have been made to share results?


  • Provide quantitative evidence that the use of technology has led to improved efficiency, and so improved value for money.
  • How has the solution impacted patient and staff experience? 


  • Provide evidence that all relevant staff were engaged in the design and subsequent implementation of the technology solution
  • Evidence that patients were involved in the design and implementation of the technology solution
  • A strong partnership between the vendor/s of the technology and staff in the organisations at which it has been implemented

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