Cinapsis SmartReferrals is an NHSX approved digital platform working through Apps and browsers that connects clinicians across primary and secondary care; enabling smarter triage, faster decision making, and reducing unnecessary referrals.

Cinapsis is a digital health company that’s overhauling an inefficient referrals system by enabling primary care clinicians and paramedics to share images, video, voice or instant messages about a patient’s condition with a local specialist, so they can decide on the best care pathway collaboratively. All information shared is automatically uploaded to a patient’s medical record.

This exchange of advice and guidance ensures patients get to the correct service fast, without unnecessary hospital visits or long waits for outpatient appointments. More often than not, there’s a more appropriate service in the community or in secondary care to manage the patient; and Cinapsis ensures that information flows to the right place, whilst helping to reduce hospital waiting times.

In one region, use of Cinapsis has seen unnecessary A&E referrals drop by 83% thanks to their technology. In the same CCG, 70% of dermatology referrals are being handled without a face-to-face hospital appointment, thanks to effective triaging and closer communication between primary and secondary care teams.

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