System Leadership Initiative of the Year
System Leadership Initiative of the Year

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The Long-Term Plan is pushing for more integrated care systems, individual trusts, health and social care providers are already make great strides in linking systems. Data and information sharing combined with collaborative leadership is key to making this work. Ambulance Trusts are working with the Police and Mental Health professionals. Outreach and social services are working with primary care and education providers. There are some great examples across the country of visionary leaders bridging the divides between organisations, combining budgets and achieving better outcomes to the populations they serve.

Winners of this award will be collaborative and integrated systems which are driving better efficiencies, outcomes, improvements and experiences for their populations, stakeholders and patients. Judges are looking for leadership achieving synergies in care, focusing on the system and the support rather than the constituent organisations. System leadership requires a selfless approach seeking best practice and learning, seeing the wider picture of population health management.


Entrants might be national, regional, local or organisational systems of any type and design. The award looks to recognise the leadership of such a system in terms of vision, collaboration and outcome. There are many combinations of system eligible to enter from ICS and STPs, collaborative systems between health, local government and essential services, education, ALBs, associations, charities, social and community care, acute, primary, ambulance and mental health trusts and providers. 


  • Describe the context in which an initiative was required including an outline of the relevant population demands. Who were the stakeholders and how did the collaborative approach come about?
  • Describe the planning and consultation undertaken with staff, patients, affected population and organisations.
  • What were the desired outcomes and how would this tackle challenges faced by service users? What targets were set and were these to be measured?
  • How was the system built? Judges are looking for selfless system focused collaborations which put service users above organisational or personal ambition.


  • What results have been achieved? Use testimonial, qualitative and quantitative evidence to support any claims of improved services, outcomes and experience.
  • How have the stakeholder bodies pooled resources? Describe financial and resource challenges and how these have been overcome.
  • Judges would like to see evidence of information and data sharing, learning and best practice with a focus on the wider picture of service provision. 


  • How has the initiative used learning to hep other organisations and systems? What efforts have been made to share best practice?
  • How can success from the initiative be scaled?


  • How has the initiative driven efficiency gains?
  • How has the initiative driven improved service user experience?
  • Use testimonial evidence from relevant stakeholders and where possible service users.
  • Is the initiative driving better value for the money spent?


  • Describe in more detail the consultative approach taken in building the initiative and how each party contributes to the system
  • What ongoing consultation is taking place and how are service users involved in the development and sustainability of the initiative?
  • Describe specific examples of staff secondment, shared resources or open data systems which contribute to improved outcomes.

System Leadership Initiative of the Year

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System Leadership Initiative of the Year
System Leadership Initiative of the Year

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