Covid Vaccination Programme Award
Covid Vaccination Programme Award

From small independent community pharmacies to stadium-size vaccination centres with military support, since 8th December 2020 healthcare and public sector organisations from across the country have been contributing to the greatest mass vaccination programme in history.

With the ongoing national challenge of building vaccine confidence across all communities, and providing reassurance about safety, it is thanks to local efforts that the national target of offering the vaccine to all adults by July 2021 was hit. As the JCVI have updated their advice throughout the progression of the pandemic, local teams have continued to meet the challenge.

This award recognises these local teams and systems for the effective planning and delivery of the national covid 19 vaccination programme. Judges are particularly interested in the innovative resourcing solutions and collaborative cross-sector partnerships that have been developed, and to learn how citizens (particularly those from traditionally hard to reach groups) were engaged with the programme through its successive phases.


This category is open to all healthcare and public sector organisations involved in the design and delivery of local or regional Covid-19 vaccination programmes.


  • Discuss your local population and the context in which your vaccination rollout was developed – what geographical, cultural or local barriers to access were considered?
  • Describe the planning and consultation undertaken with staff, local citizens and public sector organisations in initial programme design
  • What contributions from across the wider public, private or third sector were required to realise the vision?
  • Outline the operational, clinical and/or financial performance targets set locally, and how these compared to targets set at a national level, and advice from the JCVI


  • Provide clear evidence displaying how the programme has performed to date, both in terms of local uptake (first, second and booster jabs) and the pace of rollout
  • Discuss to what extent your goals changed across the differing phases of the vaccine rollout, and how the programme was effectively resourced at each stage
  • What innovative tactics or solutions were employed to overcome local challenges, and how did these aspects of the programme perform?
  • How did you overcome the challenges of working with multiple partners at pace to develop and implement the programme?


  • Describe any work carried out to share learnings from your programme across other sites or local areas
  • What lessons were learned from the early rollout stages and how were they incorporated into subsequent and booster jab programme design?
  • How could the learnings from this programme be applied in future national vaccine rollouts?


  • Provide examples of how value for money was delivered throughout the programme, including but not limited to:
    • Minimising vaccine wastage
    • Effective use of local assets and facilities
  • What new relationships have been built because of the vaccination programme, and how can these be capitalised on to further improve population health?
  • Has the rollout resulted in any other improvements to services or patient experience that will remain applicable long beyond the programme?


  • Describe how interdisciplinary vaccination teams of volunteers, clinicians and staff worked effectively to meet the needs of your local population
  • Share how an extensive network of partner organisations and local champions was developed to reach and engage all target groups
  • Discuss the citizen communication and engagement strategy employed to tackle the issue of vaccine hesitancy
  • Provide supporting evidence in the form of testimonials from staff, partners and/or patients about their involvement and engagement within the programme
Covid Vaccination Programme Award
Covid Vaccination Programme Award

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