4 November 2020
Evolution London



Award Categories

Each category has a specific and unique set of criteria based against five key elements.

All the categories below have their own individual criteria which can be viewed by clicking on the category. There are 5 areas which our judges will be reviewing against.

  1. Ambition
    The challenge and context within which your project, person or organisation is set alongside your goals and targets whether quantitative or qualitative.
  2. Outcome
    The benefits realised from the point of view of patients, organisation, leadership, value creation, efficiencies and cost.
  3. Spread
    The dissemination of your success in terms of how your work has been picked up and replicated elsewhere.
  4. Value
    The creation of value from the point of view of patient satisfaction and experience, reduction in bureaucracy, time saved for staff at any level.
  5. Involvement
    The stakeholders buy-in and contribution toward the project initiatives and outcomes. How have the relevant staff, patients and partnerships worked together to realise the success?

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